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Märklin 6015 Booster

I decided that since it is a bit of a pain to get decent size wires into the Märklin 6015 booster connections I would make a permanent connection that could simply be plugged in. I found that the harness from an old PC power supply had 4 leads of 18 AWG wire that would make a nice connection. As luck would have it, it also has a red a yellow and two black lines which I can easily treat as brown! I cut the wire a short distance form the plug and twisted the black + yellow leads as well as the black and red leads to reduce electrical interference. After stripping the ends I primed them with solder and inserted them into the booster connections. I then dropped some solder on the ends to help make the best possible connection. The last step was to fasten all four wires to the small plywood base I had cut for the booster so that any tension on the wires would not stress the connections.

I can now screw the base firmly wherever I need the booster and connect with a matching PC  power supply female.

I intend using a female 'Y' that will give me an additional set of wires allowing a nice ground bridge to the IB nearby.