Speed calibration of ICE 3 (37783)

Today my 37783 set arrived and I thought I would report on its speeds.

The max speed setting in the motorized car was factory set to the maximum speed.

My software calibration measured the following  scale speeds

speed step   forwards  backwards
 1              19km/h     18km/h
 5+            138km/h    158km/h
10             318km/h    208km/h
14             319km/h

I decided that it was way too fast for my layout and decided to reduce the speed by reducing the max speed pot by a 180° turn. (My longest straight track that is visible is only 2,5m long)

This shows the calibrated speeds of my ICE 3 train after reducing the max speed setting with a 180° turn of the speed pot.
It seems that the intermediate speed steps are not all that significant - and are often the same as the non intermediate speed.
All speeds measured with acceleration off.

As you can see the speeds increase pretty much linearly with the speed step.