Cab views

I have implemented a new feature in my software - it provides the view of the track for any train on the layout and the view updates itself as the train travels about. As the train reaches each s88 detection point along the track, a corresponding image is displayed on the screen. Here is a sample:

The images are obtained by placing a digital camera on the track and taking a photograph at each s88 detection point. A really nice advantage is that one can also digitally edit the images and remove background items etc. In the example above I removed a train room window from the sky! In hidden areas of the layout, tunnels and even fictitious scenes can be used.

In addition to the track image I also display the following:
  • Name of the train
  • Name of the track that the train is on.
  • Current speed expressed in km/h
  • Speed limit for the current section of track (displayed in Lf7 format - black number on a white board with black edge - 5 means 50Km/h)
  • Graphical speed display, showing:
  1. Speed limit of the train (minimum speed limit of each loco in the train) as a red line
  2. Current speed (blue bar)
  3. Desired speed for the train (purple bar)
  • For each loco in the train I show its name, digital address and functions. Clicking on a function toggles it on or off, functions that are on, are shown in bold.
I also added the ability to switch to manual control of the train - the computer schedules and books the track as usual and set all the turnouts, but the human must control the speed (either with the Intellibox or with the +5 and -5 buttons) to match the actual train speed with the desired speed. If the window is closed, automatic control kicks in and the computer will do all the accelerations etc..

Here is another example...

The white stuff on the left of the picture is Styrofoam - part of a mountain that is under construction.

Update 2011-01-23

The display of signal aspects was added.

Update 2014-8-28

This functionality is now available remote browsers on smartphones