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HO scale workbenches

I needed a lot of workbenches for my loco workshop, I only had some HO tables that did not look right in a workshop and my local dealer did not have anything suitable, so I decided to make them out of thin card.

I created a design in a CAD program and used its fill feature to create a green color scheme and doors and drawers on both sides.

My paper prototype worked well but the extra thickness of the card called for some adjustments which I made as I cut them out. Fold lines were scored to create neat folds.

Once they were all cut out, I simply used wood glue to glue them together.

The score lines expose the white inside of the card so I went over the edges with green and black markers.
For the top surface I cut rectangles of 0.5mm styrene and dirtied them with acrylic paint.

Some benches have work items on them.