Review: Faller grape vines 18190

Each blister pack of vines contains 36 chunks of vine, 4 end posts and a number of additional posts. No Instructions.

I decided to plant my vines running up-down the hills as is common practice in Europe. To install them I used my laser line to indicate where the holes were to be made.

I then drilled holes so that each plant touches the previous one. (Drill bit size 56)

I then brush or vacuum away the debris from the drilling

Dip each plant into wood glue and insert into the hole

After finishing a row, I moved the laser line to the next position keeping it parallel to the previous line. Initially I spaced the rows a bit too far apart and then spaced them about 30mm apart.

I had 8 boxes of vines and I misjudged how much I would need, so I need another 2 boxes. Each box covers about  324cm²

The ratio of end posts to the number of vines was fine, allowing rows of 6 vines.

Some of the posts are very fragile and even bent inside the unopened undamaged boxes. It seems that he packing machine stresses the outer posts on each sprue