Progress in the Schattenbahnhof

I have been laying lots of track in the hidden station. The Station is almost 8 meters long and contains 8 tracks. I am now just over half way in laying and testing all the tracks.

6 of the 8 tracks are divided into 3 sections each and the other 2 are divided into 2 sections each. A train longer than one segment can occupy more than one segment as needed.

 So a maximum of 22 trains can be stored, or 8 long trains could be stored.

The tracks range from 6m to 7.9m long with segments ranging from 3m to 3.8m. Each segment has at least three s88 detection points to enable train progress to be monitored and controlled. Those detection point are what take all the time to lay the track.

Update: 2014-05-26
I have completed the rear 4 tracks. All sections have been connected to s88s and tested. Turnouts are all connected and wired up and routes defined in the software.

Red numbers in the foreground show the boundary between boosters 2 and 3

The hidden station is now complete!

All turnouts are connected and working at both ends.

see also: http://cabin-layout.blogspot.com/2014/07/Hidden-station-automation.html