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Vintage Faller transformer tower kit B-143

Earlier this year I bought a tiny Faller kit from a friend and I decided to build it.

These old kits are very nostalgic of the 1960's. I couldn't find any date on the box or paperwork but the Faller modelling magazine advertised on the back of the inspection slip was from 1959, so I suspect this is from the early 1960s.

The kits is extremely easy to assemble and contains very few parts. They are however very well made and fit together well. First, I separated all the parts from their sprues and painted them. The wall I made dirty with a black wash. I painted the stone foundations brown and painted the roof parts with black and green paint. I then rubbed the paint off the walls and roof while still wet. This leave the paint in the texture of the parts and removed any gloss in the plastic.

I decided to add some glass to the windows. The 'glass' was not included in the kit but I had some left over from other kits. I was not sure if the horizontal slits would have been left open for ventilation or not but I have them glass anyway, this prevents any insects from getting inside.

 After gluing the walls and roof together it was complete.

I will probably put it somewhere here on my layout and the base will get incorporated into the landscaped surface.

A nice after-dinner project!