Overview of layout February 2018

Here are some general pictures of the layout as at February 2018

Senklerdorf is a small village with commuter rail (S-Bahn) service. It features a farm and an old ruin on the hill overlooking the village.

Engine yard in the foreground with Senklerdorf in the distance at top left, and the mainline and the branch line to access Senklerdorf on the right.

The mainline and branch line merge into the main station (Wilsnack).

Boxes are lying in the area that will be the main city.

Then there is a large mainline running across a big valley and through a hill covered in grapevines, past a small lake that feeds waterfalls that cascade down the valley.

Beyond the lake (still dry in this picture) is a terraced area for more vineyards.

Open areas will be wooded hills.

The mainline loops over itself and goes past a pond and into a mountain.

Here is a scrollable panorama