Making a curved bridge ramp from Märklin 7268

I decided that I needed the track to curve slightly on the approach to the big bridge but the ramps I had were all straight and the curved ones that are available are too tight so I decided to make a curved one from a straight one (Märklin 7268).

First I clipped the guard rail off each side. Each side clips on in 4 places:

Next I removed the metal walkways by straightening out the metal tabs below

Then I made a bunch of cuts in from one side, some as far as the walkway on the far side, but mostly just to the middle

Then I screwed one end down to a plank, bent the ramp into a curve and inserted a piece of curved track and screwed down the other end too

This was to hold the curve in place whilst I glued the cuts shut again

I placed super glue on the guard rails and glued them in place with the aid of some clamps...

Then I snipped the metal walkways so that they too could be bend into a curve and super-glued them in place

Because of the new curve, not all the original tabs fit and they have to be snipped off.

The finished curved ramp with a Märklin 2374 track piece