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HO scale escalator

In December 2001 I started looking for a nice HO scale escalator kit and I have not yet found anything to date so I decided I would have to make my own. In a CAD program I created the side profile of an escalator, touched it up in a graphics program and printed it out on an inkjet printer on plain paper. I did inside and outside versions and then glued them to some card and cut them out. I still have the difficult task of making the actual steps.

I placed them on my new S-Bahn platform to see how they look. The platform is  a ¾" maple plank with the edge routed out for the platform edge. On top of the wood I intend glueing some inkjet made platform floor so I laid a sample of that on the wood too.  I added a couple of commuters and some Kibri ticket machines (I have not yet added the graphic to the machines)...

I am a bit worried about the inkjet surface running when I glue things down since the inkjet is not waterproof. I have not yet tried any of the fixatives that are available.

I was able to use some Faller steps to complete the escalator.

The finished result:

More images of the station