Preiser sheep 14160 and 14411

I have always regarded Preiser as a top quality manufacturer of HO scale people and animals and some time ago I purchased two Preiser sets of sheep.

The first set is 14160 which includes a shepherd, a sheep dog and six sheep.

The second set is 14411 which contains 60 sheep.

Last night I opened the kits to position a nice flock of sheep and I was very disappointed to find that the box of 60 sheep contains only two different animals. Yes, there are 30 each of just two positions! Walking and grazing. How can one create a realistic flock of sheep?

The sheep from the smaller kit have 2 each of three different animals. This means that Preiser has at least 5 different sheep moulds. Why then not include 12 of each position in the box of 60?

I do not recommend the Preiser 14411 kit