Tractor shed with light

I modified an old Faller kit (289) to create a place for the farmer to park his tractor and store some things such as diesel, oil, etc.

The new 'legs' are some tree trunks that came with a sawmill shed kit, providing sufficient height to get a tractor in.

There are some cases of beer bottles on some old crates too..
It is next to the pig pen and I also added a small carport...

Inside is a ladder that provides access to more storage space upstairs. It is suspected that there is an old Märklin train set from the 1950s still up there somewhere.

The antlers were cut off a Preiser stag - he is now a doe, and repainted before being attached to the shed.

Update 2007-09-01

I have added a light to the shed.

I bought some surface mount white LEDs (40c each including shipping from Hong Kong) and I installed one inside my tractor shed at the farm.

The LEDs have a slight blue tinge as expected but that was easily remedied by a bit of yellow acrylic paint.

Electrical details:
  • Vs 5.15V
  • LED Vf 3.5
  • 200 Ohm
  • 1N4148 Diode
  • ± 5mA
At night it makes a very natural looking set of shadows