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S-Bahn rear platform

I have now completed the rebuilding of the rear platform of the underground S-Bahn station.

(I am not very happy with the sharpness of the images and I plan to make do them over too.)

First of few images of the completed platform....

Ticket machines

The rear wall is the piece of plywood that I used before. I printed images of the wall and laid them out to check fit. I sprayed on some glue and then attached all the prints.

The platform is similar, starting with a length of maple wood cut to size...

and glue on the platform prints...

After trimming the excess prints of the wall and platform, I screwed the rear wall onto the platform. Here the assembly is up at ground level above the S-Bahn station below.

The roof of the station is on drawer runners and slides down into place. This was a check to see how everything fitted before I added the people...

The front track has also now been completed.
I have also added working platform signs!