Distance markers

One of the details on my layout is the inclusion of distance markers along the tracks. These signs tell the locomotive engineers where they are. They typically appear every 200m along the track. The upper number indicates the number of kilometers from the origin and the lower number indicates the the additional hectometers.

I decided to make my own and printed them out.
Since many of these signs are a bit rusty, I decided to weather then a bit by painting them with a wash of orange and brown.

In order to make the paper copies more durable I coated the back with some wood glue.

And cut them out

I decided on an origin point on my layout (83 km from somewhere) and measured out the distances along the tracks. In order to increase the illusion of distance, I used a scale of 1:100 instead of 1:87. The 200m markers are thus about 200cm apart on the layout.

Typically these signs are attached to catenary poles and I also used them wherever possible. See making small signs for how I handled other locations.

See also: Notbremsueberbrueckung
and how the train schedule for a trip is generated using the distance markers.

Now also, the older cement distance marker stones have been installed!