Adding concrete and cable style road barrier

When I made the road past the farm in 2007 I used a set of steel fence with concrete posts made by Faller (item 180432). Now that I have painted the road along the side of my big valley, I decided to add some more of that kit there.

Here are the steps I used to install them.

I found that I had insufficient wire left over for both strands along the length of the road. Not finding anything small enough in my workshop, I went to a craft store where I found some nice thin (26 gauge) wire in the jewelry/beading section.

The first step was to drill holes and glue the concrete posts in. I always install a second post anywhere the fence starts or ends.

I then threaded the strands of wire through all the posts.

The wire does not easily stay straight, and the two strands together typically adopt shapes that do not match each other either.

I thus found that I needed to apply some tension to hold the wire in a uniform shape. This was rather easy to do, by drilling a hole just beyond the last post and pushing the wires all the way to underneath the layout. After pulling the wires taut, I simply wrapped them around a screw to hold them taut.

On the top side, I added some glue to the hole and added some grass on top of that.

It produces a believable scene!