Making a culvert

When I was creating my lake, I needed a substantial source of water coming into it so that I could justify the water going out through the weir, so I constructed a culvert under the mainline. This shows how I went about creating the culvert.

For the pipe itself, I cut a section of an aluminium tube at a slight angle. For the wall, I cut some courses of brickwork off an old tunnel portal.

To create a depression into which I could place the culvert I simply 'dug' a channel in the bank of the small stream and set the culvert in place.
and I added some 'tiles' which my friend Boyd had cut from linoleum.

I added more plaster to smooth out the landscape, taking care not to get it on the wall.
Once that was dry, I painted the rocks, added grass and also added water. (I use EnviroTex light.)

Now the water flow into the lake looks much more convincing...