Layout fascia

We all rightfully pay a lot of attention to the top surface of our layouts, but there are also the sides to consider. Now that I have completed the vineyard part of my layout, it was time to finish the sides of the layout in that area too.

Some parts of the layout have curtains on the sides allowing quick access to hidden track areas below, but in other areas where there are no trains below, I typically make the side out of some plywood.
 The plywood gets painted either black, or dark green.

Below this plywood fascia is storage space which can also be hidden with a curtain.

Curtains are more suitable in places where the edge of the layout is at a similar height. When topography results in different heights, plywood, is better.

Here a river valley is defined by the plywood fascia.

 and was painted dark green once the landscaping was done.

Curtains and side fascias provide a very 'solid' feel to the landscape.