Backdrops added behind storage area

My storage expansion is progressing with the upper layer now in place. Upper layer tracks have not  yet been laid (other than some temporary testing) but I have now added the backdrops.

Some years ago I bought some BUSCH backdrops on eBay cheaply. When I decided to add the expansion I realized I could use some of the backdrops to add some depth to the area which is visible from the main station.

At one end I needed to transition from the Faller Obersdorf backdrop, and also pass in front of the electrical breaker box for the house. I had kept the unused piece so it was a no brainer to simply continue with the same product. I glued it directly to the breaker box. I have also constructed a small piece that can be removed in order to open the door of the breaker box. Here you can see the door half open:

The door closed and the removable section in place:

Beyond the breaker box, I have mounted all the backdrops on 1/4" plywood. Some of these pieces needed to be bent into curves so I scored the back with a circular saw. I then attached doubled sided tape to hold them to the concrete wall (previously painted blue).

Onto this curved plywood, I attached BUSCH item 2871 which depicts some distant snow covered mountains.

When I unrolled the next backdrop, I found to my surprise that the content did not match the box (BUSCH 2873), and in fact suited my needs much better - it was in fact BUSCH item 2874 depicting a factory and some multistory urban buildings which would be more suitable for a railyard than the bucolic countryside depicted on the box.

The views from the main station look promising

An overview of the area...

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